We use CurbExposure’s exclusively for our Real Estate Listing and Marketing photography.  In today’s competitive market, professional high-quality and consistent photography often makes the difference between selling a home for full value and letting it sit on the market until the price has to drop. Since most Buyers start their search on the internet, homes with unimaginative lackluster pictures are skipped.

Homes without virtual tours and videos languish on the back pages of searches.  Google says that only 2.7% of searchers ever go to page 2!  To get on page 1, we need to provide the maximum number of sizzling pictures each site allows, a great 3D Virtual Tour, Floorplans, a video to post on YouTube (Google owns it), and a great description of the property.  We know CurbExposure’s gives us that edge.

Doc & Ellen Stephens, REALTORS®
Keller Williams Realty – Cityview
San Antonio, TX  78230